#03 Meeting Starter


It is perfectly normal to be distracted from time to time when working  in your home office! Allow your employees to talk about it at the beginning of a meeting. Thus your employees will remain highly concentrated later, when you need to focus on your actual tasks and topics.  

You will realize that you are not the only one struggling with distractions when working from home. You might get a better understanding of each other and will find some common ground that will strengthen the team!


At the beginning of each team meeting it is useful to ask your team how they can handle the current situation:

What is most distracting when working from home?

What are issues that concern you and your family?

How do you deal with the limited freedom of movement?

Which new routines did you establish in your family?

What do you do when the DHL package messenger  rings for the third time? 


Spent a certain amount of time to talk about this topic, but don’t exaggerate. Use time boxing: give a time frame of approximately 15 minutes. When the time is up focus on work related topics.

EXCEPT: if a team member has serious problems because of the current situation, try to solve his issue with him or suggest a bilateral conversation.

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