#06 Call It A Day – Check-Out


The days you spend working from home should be structured like your normal office days in order to give you orientation and to help you organize yourself. At the office, it is easy to see if your colleague is currently at their desk and can be easily contacted. When working from home, this is slightly more difficult. It is recommended to establish a check-out ritual each day –  so that you and your team know which team members are still online.


Define a procedure together with your team, which is used as a way to „say goodbye“. For example, a „wave“ emoji in the chat function can be used for this purpose. You can also thank your employees for their work today or wish them a nice evening as a “goodbye ritual”. Or do you have a really important topic that you need to hand over to someone? Then ask your team to give you all needed information before leaving. The important thing is: try to keep an eye on your needs as well as those of your employees. Agree on a procedure that everyone is comfortable with. This procedure should be transparent so that everyone is informed about who is already offline and who can still be contacted.


Try to develop an approach together with the team and be careful not to give the impression of micro-managing and monitoring. Make it clear that it is important for you to establish rituals and to keep contact with your team.

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