Artful participation – rules of the game and attitude


Good cooperation has always been the key to success. When working in a virtual environment it will be crucial for the success and well-being of your team how well you interact in your team, how well you support each other, how well you constantly question each other and optimize processes and cooperation. 

The circumstances are just different and it requires an even more intense focus on your cooperation. The next hack, originally conceived in the concept of Sociocracy 3.0, will show you how you can achieve this.


Agree together with your team on one simple rule, which is called the “artful participation”. This rule states that everybody has to contribute to the topic in such way that he/she acts in his/her best knowledge and ability at all times.

The guiding question, which leads to a constructive attitude, is:

„Is my behavior the best contribution I can make to this collaboration at this moment?“

Asking this question regularly allows you and your employees to take responsibility for your/their own actions without primarily focusing on your/their own needs. Developing an awareness and understanding of the collective and individual needs of others in the team is now relevant.

Ask yourself: What are the consequences if I do not (or only sporadically) stick to the agreement? Shouldn’t I address a smoldering conflict after all, in order to avoid escalation and to bring the team forward? Should I offer my technical know-how more openly, even if it means more work for me?

Artful participation has an immense power for the collective and gives you, especially in times of change, orientation on how you can grow with the challenges.


Artful participation is a self-commitment. It cannot be assigned to your employees from you  as the manager. Talk to your employees in order to generate a common commitment.

Once everybody is on board keep it up: reflect on your actions regularly, by yourself and in your team. Support each other by asking each other the question, be benevolent and interested (not reproachfully) . Talk about reasons and causes for certain behaviors.

You can also agree on a certain text or symbol in the virtual world that reminds the team to artfully participate.  

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