#08 Check-In


In the morning, you would normally welcome everyone and wish them a good start to the day. But when working from home, everyone works at different hours, and it’s hard to keep track of who’s already logged in and available. 

To create a team atmosphere, it is recommended to begin the day with a brief joint check-in call. During this short meeting, team members share which tasks they will be working on that day. At the end, everyone should have a rough image of what everyone else is busy with.


One option is to set up a daily video or phone conference. The maximum duration should not be more than 15 minutes. If you and your teammates are already skilled at virtual exchange, a morning chat check-in can also do the job. Just keep in mind that personal contact is a nice and friendly way to start the day. 

Here are some useful questions and methods for your daily morning ritual could l:

  • Which emoji best describes my mood this morning?
  • Which tasks have I completed since the last check-in (to meet my/our goal/s)?
  • What do I intend to accomplish until the next check-in?
  • Which roadblocks may prevent me/us from reaching my/our goal/s?


Focus on what your teammates have accomplished and completed since yesterday, not all the things they’ve been working on. The meeting should not exceed 15 minutes; please be mindful of strict timekeeping. The goal is not to eliminate obstacles, but to find out about them.

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