#12 Keeping an eye on your own mood and on the mood of your team


Changed framework conditions may be an external factor, but they can and will trigger group dynamic processes.

The social order gets mixed up, stress triggers stress and everything might not be as harmonious as it was before the change to the predominantly virtual world.

All of this is not surprising and therefore we would like to show you how you can analyze group dynamics and get yourself and your team „back on track“.


In order to understand the situation, you can use the team cycle by Tuckman. Tuckman displays in his model four phases of team building. He describes 4 phases: Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing.

The cycle shows that team building not a static process, but rather a dynamic one. The teams may switch between phases depending on external factors, such as drastical changes or impulses.

In each phase of team development, you as the leader have the opportunity to positively influence the process through appropriate measures and actions.

If you notice that your team is beginning to have problems, you might be in a storming phase (again). It will then be important to provide orientation and to actively and constructively address any conflicts that may have arisen. Now you will approach your employees, explore different needs and interests and try to balance them in a fair way.

It is important to support a transition to the norming phase as quickly as possible in order to develop a stable structure.


Changes and the resulting group dynamics might trigger a lot of frustration. Don’t let this discourage you and try to focus together with your team on the opportunities that arise from the new situation.

Openness and transparency will help: use the model together with your team. It can also be relieving to see that you are not alone with the difficulties: the current dynamics are a challenge for everyone! 

Who hasn’t been on holiday with a group and experienced the third or fourth difficult day?

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