Walk The Talk – Why Not Hold A Conference Call While Walking?


Combine the pleasant with the useful! Get out of your house, go for a walk, get fresh air for your brain cells and exchange ideas with your employees at the same time.


As long as you don’t have to hold a video call or be present at your laptop, you can conduct your conference calls outdoors – be it a phone call with only one person or several people.


–       Avoid dead spots: only choose paths on which you can be sure that you always have speedy cellular coverage. This might not be the case in forests or wide fields.

–       Good timing: the phone call should always start when you are already relaxed and outdoors. This means, do not put on your shoes or find your preferred route while on the phone, as this might be distracting to you and others.

–       Stay focused: even if a squirrel crosses your path – stay focused on the conversation and your conversation partner(s).

–       Avoid annoying noises: always use headphones for outside calls – no matter if you are using cable or Bluetooth headphones. This way you can ensure the best quality for the conversation.

–       Pay attention to the battery level: only a full battery is a good battery – that goes for your phone as well as Bluetooth headphones.

–       Enjoy the time outside: take a deep breath of fresh air and maybe even take a little extra walk after the phone conversation to get a little more exercise.

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