#20 Kanban For Myself


We know Kanban as a tool for teams that use it to visualize tasks, define work packages and document workload. It becomes visible what the team and individuals are planning, what they have achieved, what input they need and how the network of a company as a whole functions.

This method, which creates transparency about the To-Dos, but also about perspectives and interdependencies, can also be applied very well to your individual work planning.


Board with 3-4 columns

–          Post Its; if preferred: one color per task type

–          Collect tasks – start in the left column

–          On hold: topics, which you can’t start at the moment e.g. because another task has to be finished first

–          On the right hand side: done! Task completed


Don’t use too many Post Its, otherwise you will lose track of the board. Standard tasks, that are repeated every day, should be defined as bundles. These bundles should have a fixed time block that is repeated daily or weekly.

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