#30 Energizers: Together Is Better


Long video conferences can be a real challenge for the concentration and attention of the participants. Short energizers can be an effective way to relax and to bring the attention back to the actual topic. This way even longer video meetings can be fun.


Here are three examples of energizers that can also be used online

Ask questions in the chat. What is your superpower? Your favorite food? Your favorite music? Which three characteristics describe you best? Questions that all participants can answer in the chat can lighten up the mood.

Touch something green. It is recommendable to activate the participants once in a while during a long video meeting. For example, you can ask participants to show an object of a certain color to the camera. This way, everyone must get active, and fun situations are created.

Emoji movie quiz. An energizer that takes a little more time is a modified film quiz. The first task for the participants is: Think about a well-known film. The second task is: express the film title with emojis and post them in the chat – the others then guess which movie is meant. For example: 🗻🚢👩❤👨🏊♂️😢 What movie could that be?


Energizers work best after short breaks. Yes, breaks are also important in online meetings! Give your participants a ten minute break – they will thank you for it!

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