#38 Continuous Process Communication


What’s going on at the company? Today they’re telling you to do this, tomorrow that… do they even know what they want? Have you heard the rumors? Is it true?

Insecure times, rapid changes and limited communication… and no watercooler or coffee maker where you can have a quick chat with your colleagues. Rumors and half-truths arise, which can irritate your employees and affect their mood. It is your job now to counteract these rumors.


Keep your team informed about current developments in the company.

What’s new from management? What are the other teams in the division doing? What does your supervisor say? What is currently being discussed but has not yet been decided?

Sharing information is currently one of your most important tasks, because it provides orientation and allows your team to focus on what really matters right now.

Comment actively on rumors that you have heard and don’t ignore them.  


„What if there’s nothing to tell?“ – clients often ask us. Our answer: There is always something to tell, even if it’s just that there is no news on a certain topic!

Invite your employees to tell you about the latest rumors, so that you can take early countermeasures if false information or half-truths are spread.

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