#40 Now we have to use new tools…How do we work together now?


New situations require new arrangements. A clear agreement on which tool is used for which purpose is necessary now at the latest. There are many digital possibilities, which can only be used effectively if everyone knows exactly for which tasks they can use which function or tool. A lot of time is often lost because someone does not know a functionality or documents of others cannot be found. This results in confusion and stress.


Discuss with your team which tools they already know and which ones might also be available. Most of the time there is a „super user“, who is already familiar with a system and can tell the rest of the team about its advantages and disadvantages. The better you know the choices, the better your long-term decisions will be. The team should decide together which tool/working method they want to use.  

The choice of a tool entails different ways of working. For example: if you are working together on an open Google document all people can work independently on the document. Or you and your team can have a video call and one person can share his or her screen with the others while working on a document.  


The team should decide how to use a tool. A joint decision helps all team members to be motivated and not to dislike a tool from the very beginning. A decision must be made – the use of two redundant systems usually only leads to confusion. A „super user“, who can answer the questions, helps to support inexperienced users and to increase efficiency.

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