#44 Social commitment


Do you ask yourself in these times of crisis from time to time about the sense of your profession and what you spend your time on? Do you want to make a contribution to overcoming the crisis and help to ensure that especially weaker members of our society are supported? Then use the extra time that you might have at the moment for social activities. And the great thing is: by doing something good for other people you will feel satisfied as well.


At the moment, many people come up with great ideas about how to support and help each other despite contact restrictions. We are not going to focus on specific projects here – there are just too many – but we are going to show you some superior websites where you can get comprehensive information. The range of possibilities to help is huge: from supporting local cinemas, retailers or restaurateurs to concrete neighbourhood help and harvesting operations to help farmers.

An overview of different projects (German):


Different tips about how you can provide support: 


Another overview of different projects:



Make sure that you feel good about the commitment. You should choose a aid program that suit you and that you enjoy doing. If you like being outdoors and physical work appeals to you, then take a look here: https://www.daslandhilft.de/ .

If you prefer to stay at home but would like to get in touch with others, this project might be right for you:


It’s better if you don’t try to do everything at once,, but rather start with one (smaller) project and see how it works out for you. Later on you can still decide whether you want to invest more time and energy into it or just be happy that you are part of a big wave of solidarity.