#11 Use your breaks – avoid screens, talk to someone if possible


Virtual media demands attention and energy and offers endless possibilities for distraction. If you don’t carefully control what you do on your computer, for how long and with what goal, you will dally away time of your daily working hours. Oh no, it’s already 10 pm – what have I done (not: accomplished!).

That’s why it’s important when virtually working from home to structure the day and also to take breaks at set times.


Put the device aside, get out of the chair, and then stretch your back, exactly as after a strenuous run. Pause does not mean checking what’s new on Facebook. Pause means: conscious recovery. Leave your workplace and the room. It might be good for you to go outside and take a walk around the block, if your regional corona rules allow it. Or other activities might fit you better. Find out what relaxes and recovers you. Breathe in and out consciously, listen to your body, perceive needs. Research shows that people tend to forget to drink enough when sitting at the screen. So: Don’t forget to drink!

Talk to someone if you have the chance to. If not and it’s only possible virtually: don’t do it! At least not all the time…


When working from home and being socially distanced from others the biggest challenge for many people is to control time consciously and not letting yourself go. And above all: provide variety. The normal everyday office life offers a lot of that. But at home, you must make sure yourself that the stimuli that affect your perception and thus your brain remain diverse.

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