#01 Virtual Coffee Break


Make an appointment with your team for a virtual coffee break.
We often forget to make time for small talk and sharing information beyond work topics while working from home. Chat about how you’re doing, how the “home office situation” is working out for you, and what else is on your mind.


Decide together with your team how often you want to meet for a virtual coffee break. It’s best to always stick to the same time slot, because routines are memorized and therefore simplify coordination.Everyone brings their own drink to the virtual coffee break and you can talk about everything that concerns you – new developments in the environment, weather, sports activities…


Explicitly take the time to not talk about work. Instead, find topics that will help you to get to know and understand each other better. How do you coordinate work with the needs of the family? Do you have cabin fever as well? What kind of ideas do you have regarding leisure activities? Switch on video during the virtual coffee break to generate a feeling of closeness.

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