#28 Don’t lose control – Sweatpants are a sign of defeat


When working from home there is a big advantage: you don’t have to spent hours on getting ready. You can just make yourself comfortable – and nobody will ever see it. Are your favorite trousers in the laundry? – it doesn’t matter. The dress has a unfavorable spot – so what?

Do not underestimate the signal effect your outfit has on your willpower. After all, it’s not about what you wear, but how you label the time at your desk at home. When going to the office, the choice of outfit and the way to work are signals to your inner self that you are now changing from one role to another. From father to boss, from mother to manager. This is useful because roles protect and help to regulate closeness and distance. Therefore, clothing plays an important role.


By wearing clothes that signal to the psyche that you are in a professional context, you also support your role-consistent behavioral routines. There is a different feeling when you are facing a critical feedback in your pajamas or in your favorite blouse.

Make sure to separate leisure time and working time in terms of time, space and clothing. This helps to not mix everything up and to develop an understanding for what you really achieved and which of your goals you accomplished. This is way more difficult when working from home than when being in the “real” office, because all routines, such as commuting and coffee breaks, which otherwise help you to orientate yourself and structure the day, are eliminated.


Letting your hair down temporarily is fine, but don’t let it get out of control – it has been proven to have a negative effect on self-drive and motivation.

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