#26 Setting personal goals


During the time that you have to work from home, not only a good day structure (#Kanban #sweatpants #cleandesk) will help you. Personal goals can give you an orientation and help you to concentrate on the question what is important to you and how you want to spend your time.


Think about which topics and activities you want to invest energy and time in.

Use post it’s or other visualizations.

– Which topics are relevant, interesting or urgent for you in the near future? (e.g. I urgently want to learn how…/ I will plan more time for…/ I will finish project XY)

– Prioritize for yourself: Which three topics are the most important to me?

– Focus on these three topics and answer the following questions:

1. Why do I want to invest in this topic? What is so important to me? How does it fit my values/my motives?

2. What exactly do I want to achieve? What would be a good (intermediate, partial, final) result that shows me that I’m on track to reach my goal.

3. How exactly do I want to proceed?

– Create a timeline: When do you want to have reached these goals?

– Define measurement criteria (How will I know that…)

– Concretize the necessary steps and plan them on your timeline

– Include buffers

– Document at regular intervals in short keywords what you have achieved

– Set clear termini and be happy about your success or the result – or the clarity that arises when a goal cannot be achieved.


Stay on the ball! We’ve all had good intentions that fizzled out. Take your thoughts and decisions seriously and put check-up appointments with yourself in the calendar or/and put them on your personal Kanban board. Share your goals with others who can support you, but also with those with whom you might have conflicting goals (e.g. with your partner when it comes to time resources). Stay flexible – goals can change, priorities too.  Also check in between if the goal might has changed or should be dropped.


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