#48 Healthy hacks


„Health is the highest good“ – in principle we know this, but just now the correctness of this statement is shown once again. If you are well and healthy, use the time now to take even better care of yourself.


Tons of fitness offers emerge at the moment. If you are already interested in sports and are active, you are probably already working out at home.

If you are someone who can’t conquer his/her weaker self, try to change your habits: get off the couch and try something new!

There are many impulses and videos on Youtube. You can for example search for: „Fitness at home“, „Fitness Corona“ or „Workout at home“.

If you need a quiet and relaxing counterbalance to your stressful day, give yoga a try. Yogaeasy is a great source therefore and they also offer a free trial: https://www.yogaeasy.de/coupon/schnupperkurs_7tage 

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Don’t just talk about it, do it! Once you get used to exercising, it becomes easier. Maybe you have a friend who is also lacking training and you can motivate each other. Or you can do a team challenge among colleagues: Which team collects more „sports points“? Or you train together with others via videocall and everyone shows his or her favorite exercises. Also, some local gyms are providing access to online gyms now. From Zumba lessons to fitness training and dance lessons, you’ll find everything you need.

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