#27 Create a playlist (and use noise cancelling headphones)


When you ask top athletes, what helps them best when training as well as in competition preparation, you often hear the following answer: my playlist. Brain research shows that music stimulates the brain in all areas and can trigger emotions that can be used effectively.

Your favorite music as has been proven increases your attention, because hormones are released that have a positive effect on your ability to concentrate. Improve your mood in these times of crisis!


If you already have categories for playlists in your mind, just create these playlists and fill them with your favorite songs or artists. Do you rather need a wake-up call, or do you need songs to relax? Soothing or activating, emotional or rapidly – music can address every mood and emotion of yours. Take your time – there’s nothing better than looking through old playlists and searching streaming services for new discoveries.


Headphones – preferably with noise cancelling function – are a great help especially when working from home. They even allow you to concentrate while your kids race around the dining table.

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