#43 Private means private


Right now, your office and your home are the same place – there are no boundaries between your private space and your working space. Everything takes place at your apartment. The daily trip to work, which clearly separates one environment from the other, is no longer existent.

It is therefore particularly important that you set clear boundaries in order to protect your privacy despite or because of the many virtual visitors to your home.


Clearly separate working and private time (when should what take place) through a clear difference in time and space. When working, concentrate primarily on your work tasks, ensure that there are no disturbances and talk with your family or roommates about how you can distinguish between the contexts.

If you spend time with your family, children or partner, try to set aside any work-related topics. Especially children notice well whether you zone out or really concentrate on them.


Videoconferencing allows people to get an insight into your house in a virtual way – people that you only know from your actual workplace. Through the camera colleagues sometimes get to see very private things, which many a man has regretted later. Avoid virtual house tours and create a professional atmosphere during your web conferences and video meetings. Backgrounds can also be changed virtually on some platforms, so that your real background is not visible.

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