#31 Build routines


Hardly anyone has experience with fully working from home. Everyone has worked from home, but not every day, every hour, every week. The biggest challenge is to give yourself a structure. The brain is enormously unburdened by daily routines, because routines allow it to not think about everything that you do. Even if it sounds boring and is sometimes boring, routines are actually fantastic. In that way brain has enough power for the big brain teasers.


Plan your day with Kanban or another method that helps you to have an overview of your goals and tasks. Get up on time and develop a morning routine: sports or breakfast, newspaper or coffee – whatever you want. The important thing is that you establish routines, because also when you were still able to go to your actual office you had regulated procedures and routines that saved energy. Many studies showed that a certain regularity in your life is very important for the ability to concentrate and the resistance to stress. Especially health routines, such as sports and regular meals, are important in times that demand a lot from you on many levels.


Discuss your routines with your family, your partner and your friends. Because they are in the same boat. It is helpful if you continue to synchronize your schedule to the extent that you can maintain your contacts and bonds with each other.

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