#29 A new way of training and development – Podcasts and Ted Talks instead of workshops


The times of face-to-face trainings and conference hotels are over – at least for the moment.

Maybe you’ll find podcasts which fit to your personal goals (#26), enrich your breaks with stretching exercises, deliver good input on a topic of your choice or give you input on a completely new topic.


The challenge is to select something from the large choice of digital offerings that really inspires you. The easiest way to do this is to think about which goals you want to achieve in the near future. Then focus on looking for posts that will help you to move forward, learn something or open new fields. Of course, you can also randomly browse the internet, but do this consciously as well. There are many distractions online and it’s easy to lose focus. It is therefore important to limit the time that you use for searching content. Get recommendations from friends or (business) platforms. Limit the time until you decide. Or the time you spend looking at different things, checking things out.


If you are done with a podcast, Ted Talk or whatever – take a moment to reflect: What exactly did I take in of what I heard or saw? What was important? What can I use for myself? Do I want to take in an impulse? And: proceed with the meta-level: how did I handle the medium itself? Did I control myself well? What do I want to do differently/more or less?



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