#37 Love your working space – Ikea online is still open for business


Are things turbulent at home right now? Is there no room for a working space in your apartment? Now it’s even more important to create a nice place for concentrated work. When furnishing a working space at home, the first things to consider are functional aspects such as sufficient light, seating that is as ergonomic as possible or the correct height of the desk. But especially in an exceptional situation, as it is currently the case, it is worth to think about emotional aspects of a working space as well. If you create a place where you feel comfortable and where you enjoy spending time, it is much easier to motivate yourself.


At IKEA there are indeed many great inspirations: https://www.ikea.com/de/de/rooms/home-office/gallery/

From height-adjustable desks to lamps and office gadgets such as a tablet holder or storage units, everything can be purchased online. IKEA also provides pictures which give an inspiration on how to set up working spaces in small areas.

There are also pragmatic ideas that quickly help to make your room look good. Ask yourself: What do you like to look at when you turn your head away from the screen?

Do you like to look at a colorful spring bouquet (that you can purchase despite Corona)? There is a large offer online. Here is a small selection: www.floraprima.de, www.fleurop.de, www.euroflorist.de or www.bloomandwild.de.

Or would you – at least in your thoughts – like to escape your apartment and a photo or picture from a former vacation would inspire you? Then either put a new photo in an old frame or set a new  wallpaper or screensaver on your computer.

Do you want to use many different photos and pictures as eye-catchers? Then building a so-called „mood board“ might be the right choice for you: You need a piece of cardboard, a glue stick and lots of photos, pictures from magazines, maybe (children’s) drawings – or in other words: everything that inspires you. Also check out pinterest.com, where you can build a virtual mood board. Put everything that inspires you on a collage in order to decorate your working space individually.

It’s important to keep order as this helps us stay focused. Look for things that you might already have at home and that are suitable as a shelf or storage solution, e.g. a pretty bowl for pens and paper clips. Set some simple rules for yourself: Waste paper goes into the bin in the evening at the latest. Used cups, glasses and dishes are no longer to be found in the morning, which means: when you finish work you clean up for the next day. Then it is much easier on the next day to start working.

Plants are also helpful. Not only do they make your home nicer, but some of them are even able to clean the air especially well. Good indoor plants are for example monsteras and pileas. Additionally,they are really easy to care of.

And last but not least: OUR coffee cup! If your favourite cup in the office actually belongs to a colleague, then now is the best time to get one for your own. This might be a new cup that you just purchased and that you will bring back to the office with you. Or you could treat yourself by using the „nice” crockery including a tea ceremony instead of tea bags.


Less is more: Do not become a „beautification maniac“. Keep order, tidy up, create clarity – and create one or two elements that keep you happy but don’t distract you.

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